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Math Climber HD – A Cool Game App to Practice Math Facts

Helping your kids practice math facts is a must do to improve their math fluency. To engage and stimulate your kids have a look at – Math Climber HD by John Crandall – A fun math adventure game designed by a math teacher that will engage and stimulate your kids learning. It’s a great math app perfect for all primary and elementary school students.

Math Climber HD by John Crandall is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is a cool adventure math game app designed for your kids to practice their math skills.

How the App Works :

Math Climber HD covers 18 topics including addition, subtraction, multiplication and divisions facts with positive and negative numbers and also goes one step further for more advanced students to practice: Place Value; Customary Measurement; Metric Measurement; Order of Operations; Operations with Fractions; Percents and Decimals and Area, Perimeter, Volume.
Using the app is easy. On opening your kids need to select a player and customize their avatar.

Once done, they need to select a game play. Your kids select a level from 1 (easy) to 3 (difficult) and one of the 18 topics. Then, kids can go to the Fitness Room for a bit of warm-up practice! or go straight to an event – Climbing Walls; Speed Climbing Solo or as a Race. Each event comes with various levels.

Once all set, simply tap on the “Ready?” and then “GO” button to start the game. Each correct answer allows the player to move up along the climbing walls. For each game there is a set of 10 questions. Each correct answer makes the player climb the wall. Each climb allows children to earn virtual coins that can later be exchanged for rewards and hints. The goal of the game is to climb as high as possible in the shortest time. To improve results, simply play the game again!

What Fun Educational Apps Liked-

Math Climber HD is a great intuitive math app that covers many areas of the curriculum. We really liked that it covers a lot more than just the 4 basic operations and allows your kids to practice more complex subjects such as Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor; Metric Measurement; Order of Operations and Area, Perimeter, Volume and more. The app is well designed, easy to use, challenging and engaging.  Your kids will want to go one step further, beat their records and climb higher than you or their friends. Kids will also like to earn virtual coins to buy extra goodies for their avatar.

The app is great for simple practice. Your kids can get used to the layout and play experience in the Fitness Room where there is no time pressure. Kids can simply go over all the topics and we are sure you will laugh at the sounds the avatar makes while practicing mental muscles.

If your kids like a bit of challenge then the Event part is perfect! Kids can practice all 18 topics. As kids move up to higher levels, timing becomes crucial. Make sure to get 100% to get a chance to watch the victory dance! As parents or teacher, you will enjoy the Wall of Fame and Progress Report where you see your kids progress . Playing the game often will help your kids make math facts an automatic gymnastic!

In a Nutshell-

Math Climb HD is a well-designed math game app covering many topics. It’s easy to use and will be a great addition to help and support your kids master their math facts. The game offers a high replay value and can be used anytime, anywhere … and remember the more your kids play the more they will improve their maths skills.

Privacy Statement-

At the time of this review, Math Climb HD is child-friendly. It does not contain third party ads, it has no external links and no social media.
App reviewed by Nathalie, mom of three always looking for top fun educational apps to support kids learning the fun way! – Founder of Fun Educational Apps

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