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In six fun games with four levels of difficulty, cute penguins help teach the value of money. From surfing to belly sledding, hockey to water tubing, each game rewards players with fun sound effects, points, and happy penguins. Players can choose from games in which they identify money, count and compare amounts, give change, or use the fewest coins and bills to pay for goods. For example, in the treadmill game players choose which collection of money is worth more, and for every correct answer, another penguin flips onto the treadmill. Hockey goals are scored against a penguin goalie when the player figures out correct change, but the shots go astray if the incorrect amount of change is given. In a bonus game, players identify state quarters. Games are arranged in order of difficulty, and more points are earned for the more difficult games. The Penguin Points screen shows the top ten players and their scores. The Perfect Penguins screen lists perfect scores and the players’ personal bests. Some dexterity is needed, such as to avoid rocks while belly sledding or to catch fish while counting money, and this adds to the thrill of the game. After an incorrect answer, the correct response is displayed or explained. The repetitive peppy music can be turned down or off, and the animations are engaging. The coins and bills are very realistic. With so many games and levels, youngsters will have hours of learning and play.