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Terrific for helping children recognize units of money — from a penny to a $100 bill (including all 50 state quarters) — this is a collection of seven games that succeeds in getting children engaged. After children sign in, they see a rather complex menu that lets them choose a game and one of four challenge levels. At the hardest level, you’re asked to identify the backs of large currency bills, a skill that most adults (at least public school teachers) aren’t likely to have.

The arcade-like activities immerse you in the task — you steer your penguin through a maze of icebergs in order to identify coins and bills, shoot on a hockey goalie when making change, or catch fish while deciding which collection of coins is the most. The problems are presented in sets of 10, and your progress is saved. In addition, there is an activity in which you must identify the reverse side of the 50 State Quarters — the coin is gradually revealed — the sooner you identify it by choosing one of the state options, the more points you earn.

Each student has their own sign-in, allowing for a ‘leader board’ to keep track of high scores. This game is ideal for use in an elementary classroom setting. We’ve reviewed a lot of currency-counting programs in past years, but none as good as this one.